The Social Network – review


I’ve watched this film almost 10 times now but seeing it on the big screen again at Barbican made me want to write a few words on what stuck out to me this time.

Despite its complicated narrative structure, editors, Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall, manage to keep everything moving in the same direction, and fast too. It captures that 0-100mph acceleration that occurs when a good idea blows up, leaving ‘friends’ in its wake.

Justin Timberlake is brilliant as Sean Parker but what Jesse Eisenberg does with Mark Zuckerberg is amazing. The walk, the way of talking and the ‘my mind is elsewhere’ distracted look he gives when Eduardo is talking compared to the full attention he pays Sean are all refined mannerisms you can tell he’s perfected.

Sorkin’s idea for Zuckerberg’s drive for starting Facebook seems a tad simplistic and a harsh representation of the real person. The ending is particularly sad, but when you create a narrative as dynamic and entertaining as that, all my qualms fall by the wayside.

David Fincher’s best? Maybe. I’d put Fight Club up there beside it.


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