True Grit – review

As soon as I heard about this latest Coen brothers’ film, I classified it as a ‘must-see’. I went into the cinema with very high hopes because of multiple Oscar nominations and rave reviews; however the film didn’t live up to my expectations. It was good, but not brilliant! John and Ethan Coen as always are very neat and conscientious in their film-making, however something was lacking. Don’t be put off with my comments thus far, you should still watch it. Watching a western on the big screen in this day and age is unheard of and for that the Coen brothers’ must be praised.

A 14-year old girl named Mattie Ross hires a US marshal Rooster Cogburn to avenger her father’s murder. The wanted man Tom Chaney has committed previous crimes and is also being hunted by a Texas ranger LaBoeuf. Cogburn, LaBoeuf and Mattie rumble around the Wild West searching for this fugitive. To say anymore would spoil the film. The screenplay is fantastic and the dialogue between characters is funny and amusing. The leading characters played by Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and the talented Hailee Steinfeld make an unlikely trio, but work really well together. The settings and costumes are brilliant, everything is very realistic.

What is nagging me then? Mattie’s blood lust for a start, her chase into the outback lands herself in unnecessary danger. Secondly, the story trundles along at reasonable pace but never takes off. I did like this film, but not as much as A Serious Man. The Coen brothers’ are still a force be reckoned with, and their intellect and dedication always shows in their films.


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