The Ghost Writer – review

I expected much, but it didn’t deliver. The acting was mediocre, the word is bland. Roman Polanski (the director) who is on the run from the law in real life, with USA requesting his extradition. His previous work includes the Pianist (2002) and Oliver Twist (2005); with this movie he falls short. I left the cinema thinking the acting was poor, but some of the scenery was good. However, upon more research, I discovered a lot of filming was done in Germany and dressed up like Massachusetts. This was again related to his arrest warrant, which meant he couldn’t set foot in the USA. To me, the product has been marred by the Director, which has taken something away from the picture.

Ewan McGregor gave an amateur performance, the viewer doesn’t get any kind of emotion from him. According to trivia, Hugh Grant was offered the ‘Ghost’ position but turned it down. Incredible shame in my eyes, this could have tested his acting and given him a chance to shred his ‘rom-com’ persona. Pierce Brosnan who plays Adam Lang, an ex-British prime minister, holds his own (just), you can see the parallels being drawn with Tony Blair. Nobody else really stands out, apart from the little old man who lives in a shack on the island, stellar job my friend!

This obvious ‘pop’ at Tony Blair and the Iraq War, based on the book by Robert Harris doesn’t suit the cinema screens. It was eerie in parts (not thrilling), but flat in most. Average at best, I get the feeling this movie should have probably been left as a book. But then again, maybe I missed something?


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