Little White Lies – review

After Tell No One which was relatively gripping, I thought director Guillaume Canet might progress and find a new level. The first scene enticed me into the storyline, you find yourself in a loud Paris nightclub with one character Ludo partying hard with some assistance from class-A drugs. It is obviously the end of the night as people are slurring their words and walking in zig-zags, my suspicions are confirmed when Ludo leaves the club into daylight. Everything is okay, but when Ludo climbs on his moped and drives off, it feels like his fate is sealed. Sure enough, he crashes leaving himself badly injured.

His friends visit his bedside and are shocked by the severity of his injuries, but this doesn’t stop them going on their precious holiday to the south of France. So reluctantly they set off, but promise each other to return in two weeks to check on Ludo. This two week holiday felt like years, the film clocked up an unbelievable 154 minutes. I wouldn’t mind if it was a riveting sci-fi classic like Lord of the Rings, but this is a comedy-drama about a group of pretentious Parisian people. Interesting in parts and provoked thought; I liked getting to know the characters for a while, the Dustin Hoffman look-a-like (Francois Cluzet) made me chuckle. The ending stirred a whimper of emotion from me, but by that time I was half asleep.

Another issue I have is it wasn’t very French. The characters certainly were, but the outlandish shots and non-conformist style weren’t. It didn’t have that ‘Je ne sais quoi’, I just wanted something different. Instead, it seemed the director had decided to target the international audience and henceforth watered down the final product. The British sounding soundtrack didn’t impress. In conclusion, I won’t be rushing back to the cinema to give this a second chance.


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