Life in a Day – review

The official UK release of this film is on 17 June, so this review is hot stuff. Thanks to the Cornerhouse who put on a special preview screening, I managed to see this beauty before the rest of you. Let me tell you about it…

This is a film for you, made by you. Producer Ridley Scott and Youtube asked the world’s population to film their life for one day on 24 July 2010. People were asked to “show us your day”, “show us what you love” and “show us what you fear”. There was an overwhelming response with 4500 hours of footage being uploaded to Youtube. With 80,000 individual clips being submitted, the difficulty lay in trying to convert these undirected clips into a narrative film. All I can say is it blooming worked. The film runs in chronological order from the beginning of the day to the end, but thankfully the film doesn’t last 24 hours, it is mere 95 minutes. For those who are worried about the video clarity or picture resolution, don’t be! The quality of footage is brilliant, where is everybody getting these HD camcorders from? This does raise a valid question of camera access which limits this film slightly; there isn’t footage from all round the world because not everybody has a video camera.

As human-beings, we are very much the same, but yet culturally we are very different. The fact people are different makes life exciting, and you should embrace it. The film is very real, no editing or nonsense. People just living their lives. When reading up for my last university exam, I found this quote, “lives do not consist of data; they consist of stories”. This film makes for a good story. It will make you laugh, cry and then ponder about what life is all about.

I certainly hope this film isn’t categorised as “just another art film”, everybody should watch this. This film is juxtaposed with the rise in amateur film making and user-generated websites, and it provides a great snapshot of life in 21st century. This sort of thing could never have been done ten years ago.


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