Black Swan – review

Natalie Portman plays Nina who is selected to play the lead role as the White and Black Swan in Swan Lake. Nina is perfect to play the White Swan with her immaculate technique and innocent nature, but she must find new depths to become the Black Swan. The whole film is based on this concept of one person having two personalities – a good and a bad side. It is meant to be a psychological thriller, but perhaps borders on the horror genre. Not for the faint-hearted! Some scenes are surprising and almost unexpected; it can catch you off guard.

Darren Aronofsky has pulled off another clever film, highlighting the pressures for professional ballet dancers. It starts off very normally, but then gradually falls into darkness, and towards the end I wanted it to finish. The excellence of this film is the cinematography, I really enjoyed following one character from start to finish. A lot of manipulation in the editing process distorts reality, and makes you question what exactly is going on.

The film is very arty, but may fall into the trap of being narcissistic or pretentious. That in a-way represents the social group of ballet lovers. Natalie Portman is intensely brilliant and all-in-all so is the movie.


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