2 Days in Paris – review

2 Days in Paris is a hybrid. Stick Amelie and Midnight in Paris in a blender, give it a whirl and out pops this film. Amelie is an eccentric artsy French film, about a young Parisian looking for love. Midnight in Paris on the other hand is about an American couple’s visit to the French capital. One is made by a native, the other by a tiny neurotic New Yorker, with a predisposition for pretty European cities. This film is made by Julie Delpy, who after living in Paris till her twenties, decided to up sticks and move to America. Moreover, she is in a particular position to compare cultures, something she does with a deft-hand in this film. Delpy pitches French Marion (played by herself) and American Jack (Adam Soldberg) together to explore relationships, cultures and Paris. The end product is very witty and enjoyable.

Marion and Jack arrive in Paris, after an unsuccessful trip to Venice where both contracted gastroenteritis. Chinks are beginning to form in their relationship, and Paris is meant to be the remedy to their woes. However, it doesn’t materialise like this due to flirtatious ex-boyfriends, uncomfortable times with family, and Jack’s discovery of incriminating texts. Julie Delpy and Adam Soldberg who are friends in real life, deliver nuanced believable performances. Snazzy acting and the hilarious conflicts in culture drive this films home. American Jack is an outsider looking in, bemused and confused by French habits. Marion’s family serve some kind of rabbit soup, which is too raw and close to the bone for Jack’s American fast-food background. Jack also discovers the French stereotypes of sexual liberation and ménage a trois culture are actually a truism, and is particularly annoyed by the local men who are up for a bit of unchaste debauchery with Marion.

It was touch and go, but thankfully Jack and Marion decide to stay together after a large bust-up. I was particular happy with this outcome after building some what of an attachment with this couple. However, it was all for nothing, because in the sequel ‘2 Days in New York’, Marion has moved on to date Chris Rock. Life is so fleeting. Ah well, I enjoyed my short excursion to the French capital.


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